Welcome to Goodfellas Italian Restaurant in Rotherham

Come and enjoy an authentic Italian experience in our stylish intimate surroundings.


Dear costumers please note, we are closed for holidays and will reopen on Thursday 1st of September. For bookings or any other enquiries please contact us via email or messenger. Alternatively please call 01709837373 and leave a message and we’ll get back to you.                                Many thanks, Giuseppina and Marcello

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At Goodfellas Italian Restaurant, we bring you an authentic taste of Italy. All our dishes are prepared with passion using only the freshest ingredients. Some of our menu items contain gluten, nuts, seeds and other allergens. Therefore there may be some risk that traces of these could be in any dish served here. Please discuss with your server if you have any concerns or allergies so we can ensure the safety of your meal. We are happy to help you with any dietary requirements or just simply modifying a dish to your liking.
Marcello & Giusy